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Several months ago, a dear member of my PLN taught me how to use Skype.


Skype is an amazing tool which enables teachers to flatten their classroom walls; opening up windows into other people’s worlds. Yet, for me, it is the informal, sideline discussions about food, language, and everyday life which I treasure the most.

How can I forget my discussions about the English language with Deb Frazier in America? Or the hilarious conversations about family, food, and culture with Lin-lin in Taiwan? And I still pinch myself at the memory of skyping & saying hello to the Indian Finance minister & teachers in Kerala, India

Skype conversations, particularly with Hello Little World & Global Classroom Skypers, have helped me build, connect, share, learn and collaborate; yet, perhaps most importantly, they have transformed how I see and interact with the world.

I now know that Skype helps break down barriers, and helps us discover what we have in common with other people around the world. It leads us to rewarding global friendships … and It teaches us to care.

If Skype does this for me, a teacher, what can it do for our students?

A lesson and question to ponder as I continue on this journey of mine.